"If a novelist-whisperer ever existed Jessica Moreland surely is one. Guiding writers as they enter the wilderness of literary creativity takes a very special kind of sensitivity--a bit like taming a wild horse. I was nudged ever so gently in the right direction and treated with kindness at every fork in the road. If at the end of the day, 'content is king,' then I would encourage any writer in search of an excellent editor to make Jessica their queen." --Elizabeth Wellington, Author

"I can't begin to articulate how helpful Jessica's analysis, critique, and editing were to the development of my work. Her insight was keen and generous; she gave my story a new life and for that I'm grateful. I can't recommend her services enough." --Zachary Solomon, Author

"Jessica Moreland is a great third hand. Without tripping up my own content or my style of writing, she guided me through the editing process with a clarity and insight one could only get from working just as hard as I do. She is persistent without being obnoxious, patient, and takes plenty of time out of her schedule to make sure you're on track. I am no longer writing alone; in the back of my mind, I know there is a place for my writing, and I know that Jessica will help me get it there--enthusiastically." --Shaun Rudie, Author

"Jessica has been such an enormous help in my efforts to compile an intelligent and cohesive manuscript. Her advice has helped me avoid many of the pitfalls and mistakes that plague many authors. In addition, she has the unique ability to understand the thoughts I was trying to convey, and if necessary, re-word them while maintaining the book's flow. I've told her a number of times that she has been a wonderful 'guiding light.' I am so thankful to have had the chance to work with her!" --Timothy Caso, Author

"Working with Jessica was the best experience! Her thoroughness went beyond our expectations. She has the ability to understand the writer and take the manuscript into greater depth. Jessica’s creativity reached into the heart of our book and added the touch it needed without removing the integrity. We would recommend her over and over again, and most certainly acquire her services again!"--Carolyn and Michael Byrd, Authors

"I was extremely picky about choosing the right book cover designer for Papelitos, my international grand-prize-nominated novel. But everything came to a perfect resolution when I connected with Jessica Moreland. In just a few days, she had created the stunning design I had been looking for. Additionally, she had proven to be super resourceful, communicative, flexible, efficient, and totally trustworthy." --Jacques Carrié, Author

"When creating a cohesive vision for a group of diverse businesses, it is vital to have a designer and writer who is creative and who also understands the goal. Jessica is just such a person. From the first draft, she clearly understood what we were looking for, and she was efficient and flexible in helping us achieve our goal." --Lee Ann Isaacson, Operations Manager for Joe Desena, Pittsfield VT

"Jessica was a pleasure to work with. She has unbelievable work ethic and exhibits a commitment to quality!”--Dixie Randock, Course Programmer for A+ Institute

"Jessica is one of the most intelligent women I know. She will get an assignment about a subject she has never studied before, pick up a couple books from the bookstore, read them cover-to-cover, and then be an expert on the subject. The first business plan she wrote for me was so thorough and detailed, I could have sworn she majored in financing." 
--Morgan George, Business Owner
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