For more information or a free estimate, please email me at info@jessicamoreland.com.

 -This service is for authors or entrepreneurs who have a good book idea but don't have time to write a full-length manuscript. I ghostwrite full-length books, book proposals, query letters, synopses, articles, blogs, and corporate communications.

Coaching - This service is for first-time writers (or seasoned writers) who need help fleshing out their ideas and getting them down on paper.

Manuscript Evaluation - This service is for authors who want to take their rough drafts to the next level. I evaluate manuscripts for craft, grammar, style, and marketability. This service includes a detailed three-to-five page written analysis, notes on the manuscript, and an intensive, one-on-one, over-the-phone feedback session.

Developmental Editing - This service is for authors who have a completed manuscript and need it edited for plot and structure issues or gaps; character development, point-of-view, language, or dialogue concerns; style, grammar, or syntax errors; or organizational problems. Developmental editing focuses on the content of the work, the way it should be organized, and other big-picture issues.

Copyediting - This service is for writers who have a finished book or article and need someone to comb through that manuscript for one or more of the following mistakes: grammar, spelling, syntax, or style guide errors. Copyediting focuses on errors at the sentence level. It is also known as line editing. 

Proofreading - This service is for manuscripts that have already been copyedited and put into a final format, such as the typeset pages of a printed book or the full text of an ebook. It focuses on grammar, spelling, syntax, or style guide errors.

Book Layout and Design - This service is for authors who are planning to self-publish or publishing houses looking to hire a freelance book designer. I design book covers, ebook covers, and the interior layouts for books or journals.

Copywriting - This service is for businesses and authors looking to promote their works. I write text for several types of marketing materials: banners, brochures, business cards, flyers, press releases, websites, and other corporate communications.

Blogging - This service is for businesses looking to increase their online presence and visibility. I am a ghostwriter for several business blogs, and I help businesses optimize their online content. 

Public Speaking - This service is for writing associations, universities, and businesses looking for a motivational, energetic speaker. I speak at writer's conferences, seminars, and business retreats. My areas of expertise include writing, editing, publishing, and business.

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