Welcome to my website! My name is Jessica Moreland. I am a ghostwriter, editor, book developer, and public speaker. To learn more about my services and products, please visit the appropriate page. 


Elizabeth Wellington's novel,
Circus Girl, is now available at your local bookstore and online! Check it out here. You can also meet the author in person! Stay tuned for her 2017 book tour schedule.

Timothy Caso's book,
Weight Training for Old Guys: A Practical Guide for the Over-Fifty Crowd, is now available in paperback! Check it out here.
One of my clients, Elizabeth Wellington, just signed a publishing contract with Archway Publishing, a subsidiary of Simon & Schuster. Congratulations, Beth! I can't wait to see your novel in print.
Hello writers! I'm thrilled to be teaching "Unleashing Your Internal Editor: How to Edit Your Own Writingat GrubStreet in Boston on March 18th.  I’d love for you to join me. Sign up today!

My schedule has been extremely full these days. I am currently ghostwriting two books and editing several others. However, I will be teaching four or five seminars in 2016, so stay tuned for announcements! Happy writing!

One of my ghostwriting clients just signed with Folio Literary Management!
One of my ghostwriting clients just got offered a publishing contract from a major publisher! 

Hello writers! My best-selling seminar, "Top Ten Most Common Fiction Mistakes and How to Avoid Them" is returning to GrubStreet this spring. Click here to sign up today!

I have signed up to ghostwrite another full-length book, so my blog and newsletter are still on hold until further notice. Happy writing!

Aki Yamaguchi's kickstarter was a huge success. Not only did she raise $17,000 to fund her book printing, but she also sold out of all her copies within two months! Check out the raving reviews on her website. Congratulations, Aki! 

My client, Aki Yamaguchi, is running a kickstarter for her gorgeous photography book,
Heart Dog. Proceeds from her book sales will allow her to continue working with abandoned border collies at All Border Collie Rescue. Please support her in her efforts! Back her project here.

I'm happy to announce that my upcoming seminar, "Top Ten Most Common Fiction Mistakes and How to Avoid Them," is sold out! You can join the wait list here

Hello everyone! My schedule is swamped until November, and I will have to put my newsletter and blog on hold for now. I look forward to writing you all again when the holidays approach. Until then, keep up the good work!

Jacques Carrié's award-winning novel
Papelitos is now available on Kindle. Check it out!

My client, Carly Orosz, just published her first novel, Devil Music. It's a real page-turner. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys fantasy novels. Congratulations, Carly! 

Hello writers! I'm thrilled to be teaching "How to Line Edit Your Own Work" and "Top Ten Most Common Fiction Mistakes and How to Avoid Them" at GrubStreet this spring.  I’d love for you to join me. Sign up today!

Check out my new blog post: "Five Best Writing Prompts for Fiction Writers."

I just found out I was awarded a grant to attend the Vermont Studio Center (VSC) this spring!

My February newsletter is out! This month's newsletter has some spectacular goodies: my second installment of "The Productive Writer" series, a new coupon, and a giveaway! To subscribe to my newsletter, click here.

Enter for your chance to win a Moleskine® journal on my recent blog post: "Top Five Memoirs and a Giveaway!"

Check out my new blog post: "Top Six Writing Blogs."

My client, Jacques Carrié, has a novel and a short story collection coming out this year: Papelitos and Hard Contacts. Congratulations, Jacques!

Check out my new blog post: "30 Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts."

Check out my new blog post: "Blogging 101: Get Started with These Five Easy Steps."

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My client, Joanne Blondin, just published her children's book Professor Magillicutty's Dingle-Dangle Guide for Hunting Wild Animals. It is available at the Harvard Bookstore and on Amazon. Congratulations, Joanne!

My client, Zachary Solomon, just had a short story accepted to JewishFiction.net. It will be published in early 2014. Congratulations, Zachary!

Check out my new client recommendation:

“I was extremely picky about choosing the right book cover designer for Papelitos, my international grand-prize-nominated novel. But everything came to a perfect resolution when I connected with Jessica Moreland. In just a few days she had created the stunning design I had been looking for. Additionally, she had proven to be super resourceful, communicative, flexible, efficient, and totally trustworthy.” --Jacques Carrié

Check out my new blog post: "Six Tips for Writing a Successful Nonfiction Query Letter."

My client, Zachary Solomon, just got accepted to three--not one--but THREE different MFA programs! Congratulations, Zachary! I truly enjoyed working with you on your short stories.

You can now comment on my blog posts. I converted my blog to a Wordpress format. Check it out: click here.

My client, Timothy Caso, just signed with literary agent Paul Levine. Congratulations, Tim! I am sure your book will be a huge success, and I feel honored to have been part of your journey.

Check out my new article for Seven Days newspaper:
"Vermont Law Allows Rapists Parental Rights. A Pair of Bills Would Change That."

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"Top Ten U.S. Writer's Conferences."

Check out my new article for BTV Magazine:
"Freeze Frames: Winter-sports Enthusiasts May Get the Glory, but Photographers Get the Shot."

My writing has officially gone international. I've been published in another language: French!

Check out my new article for Seven Days newspaper: "The Story in the Stone."

Open house at Seven Days newspaper in Burlington, Vermont tonight from 5:30-8:00 pm. If you're in the area, please attend!

Check out my new client recommendations:

"Jessica Moreland is a great third hand. Without tripping up my own content or my style of writing, she guided me through the editing process with a clarity and insight one could only get from working just as hard as I do. She is persistent without being obnoxious, patient, and takes plenty of time out of her schedule to make sure you're on track. I am no longer writing alone; in the back of my mind, I know there is a place for my writing, and I know that Jessica will help me get it there--enthusiastically." --Shaun Rudie, Author

"Jessica has been such an enormous help in my efforts to compile an intelligent and cohesive manuscript. Her advice has helped me avoid many of the pitfalls and mistakes that plague many authors. In addition, she has the unique ability to understand the thoughts I was trying to convey, and if necessary, re-word them while maintaining the book's flow. I've told her a number of times that she has been a wonderful 'guiding light.' I am so thankful to have had the chance to work with her!" --Timothy Caso, Author

Check out my new blog post:
"Top Five Literary Journals of the Last Decade."

Check out my new client recommendations:
"I can't begin to articulate how helpful Jessica's analysis, critique, and editing were to the development of my work. Her insight was keen and generous; she gave my story a new life and for that I'm grateful. I can't recommend her services enough." --Zachary Solomon, Author

"When creating a cohesive vision for a group of diverse businesses, it is vital to have a designer and writer who is creative and who also understands the goal. Jessica is just such a person. From the first draft, she clearly understood what we were looking for, and she was efficient and flexible in helping us achieve our goal." --Lee Ann Isaacson, Operations Manager for Joe Desena, Pittsfield VT

I am now on twitter!   

Check out my new blog post:
"Top Ten Bookstores across the Globe."

I will be reading from my novel-in-progress Free to Move at 7:00 pm on March 16th 2012 at the Brookline Booksmith. The Brookline Booksmith, located in Brookline, Massachusetts, is a legendary bookstore where many luminaries have read, including Lorrie Moore, Leslie Epstein, and Ann Lamott. The event is free. Please attend!

Check out my new blog post:
"Approaching Literary Agents: Top Ten Do's and Don'ts."

Check out my recent article for The Fix: "Border Patrol Agents Knowingly Let Drugs In."

Check out my new blog post: "Top Ten Reasons to Become a Freelancer."
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